Thursday, January 20, 2011

Big John's Cajun Rub—FREAK OUT!

Beehive Cheese Co. Promontory Big John's Cajun + Green Flash Brewing Co. Le Freak Ale
Can we start with the tune, AHHHH FREAK OUT! the quintessential disco tune rapping in your head. Drum roll please! roll out the crackers, cut the cheese, uncap the beer, POUR, sip, nuzzle into your couch, or wherever you lounge for comfort, and pop that cheese into your mouth....AHHHH FREAK OUT!

I must name this zany pair, for oh so many reasons. Beehive Cheese Company from Utah claimed its fame with its promontory cheese, Big John's Cajun Rub, 2nd place winner at the 2008 American Cheese Society Annual Competition. Folks, this cow's milk cheese is not the product of your everyday grazing Jersey cow. Rather, these plump biddies range on 350 acres near the salt marshes, mud flats, and ponds of the mineral-loaded Great Salt Lake. Their alfalfa fodder just so happens to be fertilized by migrating birds who just nutritiously dined in these mineral-laden waters. Could this cheese be superstitiously tied to the healing powers of minerals--delivered straight from the bovine?

Better yet, cheddar lovers beware, channel the spices of this cheese to a milder, sweeter tone by adding the slurpy call: Belgian-style IPA from Green Flash Brewing Co. San Diego, LE FREAK--where American Imperial IPA meets Belgian Trippel. Between the cheese and the citrus back-tune of the beer, aromatics explode, basically giving way to a party in your mouth. Definitely want to be in the mood for rich, because these two culprits don't take the backseat to anything. nOOO, they FREAK OUT.