Wednesday, November 5, 2014

NIAF 2014 Amarone Seminar

National Italian American Foundation 

Amarone Seminar and Gala 2014

NIAF meets annually and is an organization made up of quite astounding Italian Americans who have made tremendous successes of their lives. I was honored to sit as a panelist during their annual wine tasting, representing one of the most renowned Amarone families, Tommasi. The tasting itself was led by Philadelphia's food and wine writer, Brian Freedman. The dynamic panel consisted of wholesalers who rep honorable Amarone families. As we guided guests through a sampling of the Valpolicella region, we discussed the etymology of grape names, the history of winemaking, current statistics of Veneto production levels, and the differences between the 2009 and 2010 vintages of Amarone. The session ended with a tasting of prominent Amarones, such as Allegrini, Tommasi, Tedeschi, and Brigaldara.

Most memorable moment of the event: seeing Joe Piscopo live, listening to John Turturro speak of his family and life accomplishments, or drinking exceptional Amarone...I think I'll go for the latter. But the entire evening was a smashing success!