Thursday, February 10, 2011

Five Days of Wine Fidelity: A Homage to Valentine's Day

Aphrodisiac Alcohol (Day 2): Couples Therapy--romantic setting for two
Men do not fear, she doesn’t have to think you’re being cheap by insisting on staying home. Simply dose your lover with edibles and beverages of love. Of course, candlelight, flowers, and sultry jazz enhance the mood, but make the theme rest solely on aphrodisiacs. Follow my guidelines, apply Google recipe searches to fill in the details. I propose a simple, but elegant, three-course meal including these most common aphrodisiacs: almonds, champagne, asparagus, figs, chocolate, and alcohol. I spell out your simple guidelines below, while leaving the ambience and recipe creating to your own imagination.
·         1st course, Palate Teaser—Champagne & Almonds—Buy a small wheel of Brie cheese, microwave it on low until heated and slightly oozing. Top with slivered almonds, serve with a crusty French baguette and a fruit chutney of your preference. Ignite the flames of love with a toasty, biscuity Champagne (make sure it’s a Blanc de Blanc Brut to play up the almond aphrodisiac). One of my affordable favorites: Pierre Moncuit Brut--grower champagne under $35.
·         2nd course, Aphrodisiac Overload—Figs, Asparagus, & Red Wine—Google a steak and fig recipe. The sky’s the limit, but here are a few examples: fig-balsamic sauce drizzled over filet speckled with gorgonzola cheese, flank steak salad with fig, pears, and blue cheese. Pair your steak and figs with a BIG, bold, fruity wine. Wow her with a California Zinfandel. Falls Church’s very own wine shop Red, White & Bleu sells the mind-blowing Old Ghost Old Vine Zinfandel $45.99, or on a different note the Cline Cashmere GSM for only $17.99. Don’t forget to steam some asparagus, add some butter slices as a finishing touch. Leave her senses reeling, watch your moods unravel, think “Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes.”
·         3rd course, Chocolate Touch—Need I say more? Your woman with wine and chocolate guarantees a smashing finish, a crescendo of love. I strongly suggest just buying a grand bar of dark cacao haute couture and finish your bottle of red wine from dinner. Possibly top off with a Tawny Port or aged Madeira. Some chocolate bars to consider: Amedei (Curious Grape in Shirlington), Michel Cluizel (Arrowines), Kingsbury ACKC (at Red, White & Bleu), Vosges (Whole Foods).