Saturday, February 19, 2011

On the Wagon or Off?

Just had the opportunity to taste my new fav cheese for everyday consumption. Granted it was midday and I was caring for three beautiful children, the warm weather mid-February provided the perfect hiatus and excuse to bust open a low alcohol white wine spritzer. My roommate bought it on a springfever craving and had already consumed a couple of glasses the previous evening. I never considered pairing it with food, always drank Vinho Verde as a palate perker, something to bubble me up. Well, this midday snack was just what the doctor ordered, or at least the mommy fairies who witness the tedious challenges of caring for two infants and a toddler. I'm sure many moms mumble to them from time to time or shout in anxst. Regardless, I sliced some Cowgirl Creamery Wagon Wheel cheese, their latest addition to the line-up, stacked it on some Parmesan-Reggiano flatbread and went to town. The bracing greenness of Vinho Verde utterly melted away in waves of Cowgirl Creaminess. I oohhhed and awwwed my way through a quarter pound in 10 minutes flat. Frightening decadence, but what a pair! A peek into spring sure did the body good.