Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pinot Envy

It was the night before Monday, all was quiet through the house. I awaited my guests anxious as all get out. I had run all about for baby, work, and now for dinner delicious beyond any doubt. More than anything, I wished to lounge on the couch, soak up some tweet deck, and raid my cheese pouch. At times in my life, I wish for the performance to end, but as a single mom and sommelier, I must bear and grin. Don't get me wrong, the hustle is for what I live. The energy just continues to cycle, never gives in until the ultimate moment of chagrin. As everyone knows, these moments when failure sets in, doubt lurks, you feel the energy slip...down, down, down, spiraling downward never to return again. I fidgeted around the house, wringing my hands, little did I know, the best for my soul was about to begin...and thus, this is the tale of Pinot Noir pinned Antidote to Chagrin.

Love has never been a strong suit for me. The trump card has consistently been fairytale romances spun in my head, always fed by renaissance literature or revolutionary periods for Western Civ. Jane Austen's pick of gentry, like Mr. Darcy, or Stephanie Meyer's Edward Cullen, could very well fit the fairytale my head lives in during those moments apart from the world, when reality has no bearings. Women pine, "Where are all these men?" I never dreamed one would walk right in eager to devour four plates of London Broil marinated in Dr. Pepper, molasses, garlic, curry spices, wine vinegar, and worcestershire--an attempt on homespin.

Homespun, indeed. This was the only ticket I would need. Brussels sprouts sizzled with bacon, and squash casserole baked with panko, butter and Prima Donna Gouda accompanied the 5lbs of London Broil served with a red wine demi-glace my roommate and I mastered for a guy she wanted to win. I have to admit, though, I didn't realize the potential of this male guest until after the Pinot sipping was put to the test. Four bottles of Pinot Noir brought on a plane by a dear, dear friend, sat on my table calling for me to succumb: stop for the moment, quit playing Artemis and sit down at the feet of Bacchus and listen to the trance brought on by his flute.

This story will not reveal the innermost thoughts of romance unwilled, but it does speak to hope in love, passion, and all the tingling feelings of raw emotion one can spill. Envy of love, I must say I am; but at least now I can be lost in Pinot envy.

My dear friend mentioned above visited Willamette Valley a few weeks ago and sought to buy a few gems. My contribution was the 2009 Ken Wright Cellars Willamette Valley, which I think still should win for all those dire pinot lovers envious to drink good vin.

Here's the lineup, and the notes to follow within:

Briefly I mentioned my favorite to be the 09 Ken Wright, following suit was the 08 Sineann Resonance Vineyard. I plan to write a comparison between the two vintages '09 and '08 in my Terroir section, and I will add some Pinots under $20 worth sipping, Just give me this weekend.

2009 Ken Wright Willamette Valley approx $29
Opulent fruit, the texture of the wine is what gets me everytime, so much to chew on, but yet silky soft. Bright acidity, bouquet lingers through the finish. Delivers what I want from a Pinot

2006 Methven Family Vineyards Reserve Willamette Valley approx $35
Most Burgundian of the four with the more earthy undertones, dark fruit, leather. Beautiful nose, but the wine began to disappoint on the finish after it had been open awhile. First sip, killer. Last sip, didn't deliver for the price.

2008 Sineann Resonance Vineyard approx $42
My second favorite. Bright cherry fruit with a sensation of standing in a wild strawberry patch with a wiff of a flat Coca-Cola in your hand. Ethereal palate feel, what makes Pinot so yummy. Vervy acidity, great with our cheese selection of Cypress Grove Purple Haze and Brillat-Savarin.

2007 Sineann Wyeast Vineyard Columbia Gorge $42
Consistent in style with its '08 Sister--female in sex with this wine because the delicate fruits play true on the nose as well as the palate. Red fruits of cherry, strawberry, touch of rhubarb, and some pomegranate play out on the palate. Good acidity, but just not the same depth as the 2008 Resonance.