Thursday, February 24, 2011

March Madness Cupcake Face-Off

Better your batter with zany pairings. The ultimate battle between beer and wine, AND CUPCAKES! Thought the cupcake mania surpassed the fanatic zone? Well, it just went deeper. In tribute to tournament season and basketball mania, I am hosting a Cupcake Beer & Wine Pairing in partnership with Kristy Hofkens of Capital Cakepops - Washington, D.C. and Red, White & Bleu Wine Shop, Sunday, March 27th. Kristy will be crafting five cupcake flavors to challenge my pairing skills. Duo groups of beer and wine will pair up with each cupcake flavor. Team Vino competes against Team Brew. Each cupcake fanatic votes on which team pairs best with the cupcake flavor. Who will win: Team Brew or Team Vino? You choose!